The commercial showing a group of women & a surprise intruder (guy in a pink body suit) is rude, disrespectful & unrelated to the advertisement of eyeglasses. Unexpected & uninvited body contact is not in any way acceptable.

It does not have a place in professional commercials. It violates social norms of decency, good judgment & professionalism.

What does this commercial say about the credibility of Stanton Optical; it's demeaning to the company to produce a demeaning commercial. With the considerable cost of producing commercials, I would think that Stanton would make it a priority to hire writers & producers that would be able to use their skills to do better than the "Pink Guy" commercial!

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanton Optical Commercial.

Reason of review: Opportunity to voice my concern with TV advertisement/commercial.

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you folks just dont get it.


Their new commercial with the man crushing Stanton glasses seems to be advertising how fragile their glasses are.


It is no wonder our children learn how to be cruel to each other with commercials like yours.

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