10110 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29223
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My first encounter to this business has not been favorable of this eyeglass/contacts provider in Columbia SC. I am a senior citizen and have cataracts, astigmatism and Diabetes.

First day, I went to get eye exam and look at glasses. I did not like the Dr or his way of handling eye exam. Next, they had only 15 pair of glasses to choose from for the 2/59.95. Selection was terrible.

They finally allowed me a wider selection so I picked out some glasses. A week later glasses come in,

..not made on sight as advertised. That was shock as I thought my glasses would be made there. Then the specifics for the order came next.

One was tint, the only option I chose.

The tint is sort of dark on these glasses at the lowest level. Not happy with that. Then one pair of glasses came back even darker, Iike sunglasses. They had to be sent off to be remade.

Not happy with that.

A week later I get a call everyday with a reminder my glasses are ready again. I live 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Stanton store. So I go to get my glasses.....again. So it takes a while for it to be my turn, always a Wait here.

They look for my glasses. Then look some more. Then more. Then another Stanton employee helps with the search.

Then a third one. Over an hour looking for my glasses. None to be found. Then one employee said there was a tray in the lab with my name on it but nothing in it.

More searching. After a while I am told they were damaged upon arrival and sent out again to be remade. This inept business practices and I am very, very unhappy. Not a place I am comfortable doing my business.

Well my husband walks in raising the roof after wait for me so long. I had to deal with his rant over the situation all the way home. I've not been offered any compensation for the bad business and delays.

I am quite disgruntled with this place and their lack of appropriate customer service. I do not recommend them for your eye care needs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanton Optical Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Everything was bad here, just everything!.

Monetary Loss: $444.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Terrible Customer Service
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You might wish to not only replace Stanton Optical as your place to get eye exams and glasses but also your husband---sounds like a really "sterling" guy. Most opticians and such nowadays do not make their own glasses but send the order out to a third party.

As for the limited frames available on the two-for special, this is a common come-on to lure you to them with the hope you decide to buy the more expensive frames instead of the dollar store ones on "sale." Remember, the profit margin in frames is tremendous. Most are fragile and junk to begin with.

The ones on sale are more like dollar store frames for reading glasses. Unreliable, weak and subject to breakage if stared at.

betty r

Ive always used America's Best and never had a problem. I looked at the value and was lured by that stupid commercial.

Quality is definitely lacking in their products and customer service!

My husband told them they should give me my glasses for all the crap I went through with them, glasses which I still do not have. He ranted about their inept business practices and he was right.

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