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On March 27th I went to Stanton Opticial in Sherman Texas. At that time got a $45 eye exam that was suppose to be free and wasnt, then got the 2 pair of glasses for $69 and ending up costing $551.00, so first off false advertising.

The only reason I spent that was i needed new glasses and truely,at the time , thought they were professionals, i couldnt have been more wrong. Picked up my glasses two weeks later, the one pair wire frames the nose piece fell off in the first five minutes of being there they quickly fixed that, then I tried on my plastice pair they didnt fit right either and they couldnt fix them but assured me they would be fine and prescription was off some what too, but i was so excited to have new glasses i thought i would get used to them in a few...well I never did. Left the store and i took off wire ones and the nose piece came off again turned around went back and they took them in the back room for at least 30 minutes came back.out gave them back to me and they were not even ajusted and said here ya go, from then on they cut into my right nose. These people are idiots this is only the begining.

I took them back a week later to return them they would not give me my money back but they did say the would take back 1 pair the wire and give me a $99 credit i said okay for now and they assured me the blues plasic ones were my prescription and that my eyes would adjust. Not only did my eyes not get used to the plastic glassses they charged me $99 not credited charged. I called Stanton Optical and they disagreed and said they had credited. End up calling Mastercard and looked at bank statement 1day later and Stanton Opticial put back the $99.

However, never gave me the original credit of $99. So I'm back at square 1. Went in yesterday to Stanton Opticial in Sherman Texas and told them i want a complete refund and handed them the blue plastic glasses. After about 40 minuted of agreeing the prescription was off, very minor, but off, what does that even mean...i cant see out of them they do me absolutely no good.

So they said they were unable to give me a refund because the they were unauthorized because my head doesnt fit the glasses and that is why i cant see. I now have a dispute going with Mastercard.

Sorry this so long and there is more but this gets the point across. DO NOT GO TO STANTON OPTICIAL, THEY have no customer service skills, AT ALL, only about the money, they do not care about the customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanton Optical Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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