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I would go to anyone else but Stanton Optical because of their commercials. I think it is terrible that children see these commercials and think they can act that way also.

Never seen a commercial so violent people screaming slapping things out of people's hands. What a shame I am sure that it was probably a good place to buy glasses and get prescriptions. But I have gone somewhere else where they have the cute little owl.

Nothing violent about that. It disgust me just to watch the commercial I try to leave the room or turn the channel because of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanton Optical Commercial.

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Worst experience every. Unprofessional & incompetent.


The "mideval" commercials of Stanton Optical were so violent that I wouldn't watch them and would NEVER EVEN THINK OF GOING to this business!!!!!!


I totally agree that Stanton Optical commercials are beyond horrible. I have no idea what idea they are trying to get across to the customers.

Not at all an invitation for me to want to purchase their glasses. Take the commercial off the air!


Take this commercial off the air!


The commercials are horrible. I wouldn't use your product if even if it was given to me free.

The main character is a violent jerk, why would you want this representing your business. I can only assume this is how your people act in real life and it is cool with you.


The commercials are misogynistic and disgusting! This point is particularly obvious during the Stanton Optical tv commercial where a young female model is forced to wear very little clothing and glasses that she states she cannot see through ( ironic!


She is then yelled at to "WALK!!".......when she does, she is immediately walks into unseen obstacles. Oddly, Stanton Optical does not seem to value vision or women.


Ugly commercials.

Pamela D

We don't need to be YELLED at. I have heard that your service sucks.

Pamela D

I feel the same. We don't need to be yelled at.


Stanton commercials are stupid and annoying! Please improve on your commercials.

Presently they are made in mind to treat people like we are stupid! We turn the channel when they are shown. My Grandchildren could understand why this man is yelling at the other people in the commercial.

The pink male fairy is just as stupid! Really better commercials.

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