I don't have a complaint about your glasses--just your television ad.I have no beef with your product.

I'm would assume that your glassesare well received by customers. Your ad with the man in the pink outfit (tutu) is the most disgusting and creepy individual that I have ever seen in a commercial. He looks like a pink octupus with arms going in all directions. He seems to jump out of nowhere, as if he were attacking the others in the commercial.

I can't stand to look at him. He often appears two or three times during one program. Please plan another way to advertise your product.

I might visit you sometime.I am more or less homebound and watch TV quite a bit.

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This is a very funny commercial.My only problem with it was that it took me many many views to understand what he said after it's hard to look at Jenny's face...

And shame on all you people threatining to stop shipping there because you didn't like a commercial.

That's sounds incredibly like a spoiled child's temper tantrum.Very arrogant.


I love the Stanton Optical commercial with the guy in pink.It is hilarious and only demonstrates how someone wearing those pink glasses will JUMP out at you, just like he does in the commercial.

I laugh every time I see it.Now if you want to talk about an annoying commercial, we can talk about the 2 idiots in the Sonic commercial.


Please get rid of the commercial with those PINK glasses. It is one of the most annoying commercials I have seen.


Is that Brian Thomas Smith (Zack on Big Bang Theory) in the pink outfit in your commercial?


Most annoying commercial I have ever seen .....Airing in Boise Idaho and surrounding area 2017.

I would never set foot in their place of business just to do the annoying commercial get rid of it !!!

Shows pairs of eyeglasses doing karate or tae kwon do or some *** thing annoying sounds ....


I have seen this commercial numerous times and I still don't understand the point of it. It is very annoying. What is the point?


You know what's the most annoying thing about this ad?It's on every 5 minutes and never once in the 10,000 times I've seen it can I understand what the *** that guy is saying!!!!

It's hard to look at Jeanie's face when you can only see.... what???? See what?

Babe (like the pig?) Pink?Bae?

to Dlugo123 #1391926

I have the same problem and came here to try to find the answer.You can only see ...

me? pink?

Help us out!It drives me nuts!


I love this commercial!

to Anonymous Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1356434

I love this commercial also! I even mimic the pink guy when I sit down by my wife on the couch! Of course she doesn't care much for that.

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